Title I

  • Title I funds currently provide additional reading, math and social/emotional support to those students with the greatest need in 10 of our Gilbert schools.

    Title I is a federally funded program included in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which supplements regular classroom instruction by providing support for students who are at risk of not meeting state academic standards.  The purpose of Title I Part A - Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged, is to provide a fair, equitable, and high-quality education to all children.

    Schools meet criteria based on total student enrollment and the number of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch. Schools between 35%-40% F & R are eligible to participate in a Targeted Assistance Title I Program. Schools above 40% F & R qualify for a Schoolwide Title I Program.

    Gilbert Public School's Title I English Language Arts (ELA) Program specializes in providing high-quality instruction in addition to core classroom learning. We use multiple data sources to select students that will benefit from extra instruction from a trained Reading Specialist and/or a Title I Paraprofessional. Our ELA Title I programs are evidence-based and align with students' needs to enhance student success.

    Gilbert Public School’s Title I Math Program specializes in providing personalized math instruction, delivered by a Math Specialist and/or Title I Paraprofessional, in addition to core classroom instruction. Multiple data points are used to identify students who would benefit from additional opportunities to interact with the math concepts. Our Title I Math programs are evidence-based and align with student-specific needs to enhance student success in Mathematics.

    Students participate in Title I services based on academic need. Teachers and Reading/Math Specialists work together throughout the school year, using multiple assessments (AzMERIT, DIBELS, ATI, Reading/Math Formatives) to determine which students would most benefit from additional instructional services.

GPS Title I Family and Community Engagement

  • A key component of an effective Title I School Program is increasing Parent and Community Engagement in the education of children. Research has shown that students who have the support of their families are more successful in school and ultimately more prepared for college and career upon graduation. Families are encouraged to participate in school activities, share their ideas and attend Title I meetings.