• Spend your summer with GPS Global Academy

Enrollment Dates

Tuition Cost (per session)

  • $200 per class

Location Requirement

  • Students may only work on their classes within the United States. Our systems are not accessible outside the country.


  • GPS Global Academy is pleased to offer online classes to any 6th-12th grade student in the State of Arizona. Students may take Honors, on-level, and credit recovery core classes as well as a variety of elective offerings.

    Classes are offered year-round, including the summer.

    • During the month of June, three start dates are offered for a tuition of $200 per semester class. These classes are set for 18 weeks with the option to extend the course if needed.

    • The rest of the year, students may take courses for free (up to 6 courses total among all GPS schools) or for a tuition of $200 per semester class (for the 7th or greater course).

    Is your student planning to take two semesters of a single class over the summer?

    We strongly advise students to take one semester during a summer session and the second during the school year. It is not possible to complete a year-long course over 6 weeks. 

GPS Global Academy Attendance Requirements

  • pulse
    Students must remain active throughout the duration of their class. Any student who is inactive for 10 consecutive days will be dropped with no refund. Dropped students may re-enroll at a later session date (for no additional fee) and continue from where they left off. 

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