Plagiarism Policy

  • In online classes, plagiarism is a considered a serious offense. Students who are caught plagiarizing work on their assignments will receive a warning by the teacher to the student and parent and the opportunity to re-do the assignment for a reduced grade. On the second offense, the campus administrator will issue a warning and the assignment score will be set to 0%. On a third attempt, the student will be removed from the online class.

    If the student plagiarizes entirely or copies and then modifies content from the Internet on a final exam, they will be issued a warning by the Global Academy administrator and will be issued a 0% for the offending parts of the final exam. If this is the first time the student has taken the final exam, they will be allowed a retake. If this is their second attempt (or higher), a failing grade will be entered for the final exam and for the course.

    Note: If plagiarism occurs within a Center For Success class, the student is subject to their campus discipline policy.