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  • GPS Global Academy utilizes a high-quality, rigorous online curriculum that covers all content areas needed to meet GPS graduation requirements. We offer courses spanning Kindergarten through 12th grade, including some credit recovery and honors options at the secondary level. When taking classes, students are provided with materials to read, interactive activities to practice and explore, and quizzes and exams to assess their progress.

    There are formal opportunities to connect with the teacher through regularly scheduled classes, live virtual office hours, in-person open lab hours, as well as Discussion Based Assessment (DBA) activities. Teachers are available by phone, WebEx, and e-mail as well.

    Check out more details about our online curriculum, and then view our most Frequently Asked Questions below!

GPS Global Academy Online Curriculum Overview

  • Global Academy Cirriculum

    • Created by Florida Virtual School, a not-for-profit entity

    • AdvancED & SACS accredited

    • NCAA approved courses

    • Quality Matters (QM) standards

    • Meets SREB Essential Principles of Quality and the iNACOL Standards for Quality Online Content

    • Taught by GPS teachers

GPS Global Academy FAQ

  • How long do students have to complete their courses?

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    Elementary students will take a full schedule of core courses and electives over the course of the entire school year with intense support from their teachers. Virtual class sessions will be scheduled at least twice per week to help students master the content.

    Junior high and high school students are given 9 weeks, by default, to complete their coursework. We have found that for most students this is just enough time to complete their coursework!

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  • Do you offer course extensions?

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    During the year, we follow this policy when considering course extensions.

    For summer school, no extensions are granted for any reason.

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  • What is a credit recovery course?

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    In credit recovery courses, students take a pre-test at the beginning of each unit. Depending on their pre-test result, the student may be exempted from some lessons covering content they already have mastered.

    Credit recovery classes are only available to students who have previously failed an original credit course. When students finish, their original grade on their transcript is replaced with an X and the credit recovery class grade is posted. Thus, the final transcript will reflect that the student completed this version of the course.

    Instead of credit recovery, students do have the option to retake the original course they failed. Upon completion, the lesser grade on the transcript will be completely replaced with the higher grade.

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