Air Force Junior Officer Training Corps

  • Students involved in Air Force Junior Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) have unique opportunities to explore industrial and military aerospace science and technology while developing leadership skills.  Our program includes the study of the heritage and development of flight, exploration of aircraft and spacecraft environments as well as coursework in military customs, courtesies, flag etiquette, time management, effective communication and much more.

    What's in it for me?

    1.  There is no military commitment when you enroll in AFJROTC.

    2.  AFJROTC cadets have an opportunity to earn scholarships.

    3.  AFJROTC cadets may have an advantage when competing for appointments to the U.S. Air Force Academy and the other service academies.

    4.  Cadets who complete 3 years of JROTC and enlist in the military qualify for higher pay.

    6.  AFJROTC courses qualify for the CTE/Fine Arts elective credit (required for entrance to AZ colleges) and two years of JROTC credit will receive the required 1.0 credit of Physical Education.

    7.  Cadets earn medals, ribbons, trophies, plaques and other awards based on scholarship, military bearing, appearance, and community service.

    8.  AFJROTC uniforms, insignia, medals, ribbons and textbooks are provided at no cost (provided they are returned in good condition).

    9.  Members of the Drill Team/ Color Guard teams travel to compete against other units.

    11.  Each semester cadets go on field trips to military bases or other points of interest.

    12.  Cadets can attend all extracurricular activities:  Combat Dining In, Dining out, softball tournament, Military Ball, and Awards ceremony…We have a lot of FUN!

    13.  Cadets gain leadership experience and self-confidence by working in leadership positions in the cadet corps.

    14.  One day each week cadets participate in Physical Training (PT), which includes warm up exercises, running, and various sporting activities.


    Who is eligible?

    All high school students are welcome!

    For more information, visit our campus AFJROTC pages and the AFJROTC website.