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Honors Course Requests

  • Honors/weighted courses at are designed and implemented to demand more challenging involvement on the part of students.

    The coursework is significantly more rigorous than their standard course counterpart and provides students multiple opportunities to take greater ownership of their learning.

    Honors/weighted courses are distinguished by differences in the quality and composition of their coursework, not by the quantity of the work required.

    onors/weighted courses are designed for students who have demonstrated a high level of interest and academic achievement in a given subject area. Students and parents should understand that honors/weighted courses are more demanding and have requirements beyond those of non-honors courses.

    DRJHS offers honors courses in all four core content areas, at both 7th and 8th grade level.

    Students must be co-enrolled in Honors Math in-order to enroll in Honors Science, and in Honors English to be enrolled in Honors Social Studies.

    To be considered for placement in the Honors program, you must submit documentation of eligibility in ONE of the two categories below:

    OPTION 1: Any student with gifted eligibility (scoring in the 97th% or above on approved test) is eligible for immediate placement in honors courses. Proof of qualifying score should be provided upon initial enrollment.

    OPTION 2: Evidence of the following indicators:

    • High Motivation, Organization, Independence and Ability to Problem solve in the classroom
    • HIGH ACHIEVEMENT and STRONG WORK ETHIC (A's and B's in subject area for 4 consecutive semester marking periods)

    Honors placement requests can be made through the Registrar or grade level Counselor and will be considered upon receipt of records. Parents may provide unofficial copies of previous school records in order to expedite this process. Placement in the Honors program is based on priority and space availability.

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