Counseling Announcements

Peer Tutoring

  • Peer tutoring is a flexible, peer-mediated strategy that involves students serving as academic tutors. Typically, a higher performing student is paired with a lower performing student to review academic concepts.

    Tutoring at GCA is student driven and is meant to help support struggling students, however if your student needs tutoring in multiple subjects, we recommend that you talk to your teacher and also look for outside help. Tutoring is assigned on a first come first serve basis and students may have to wait.

    If you feel that you would benefit from Peer Tutoring please fill out the tutoring request form. You will be matched with a tutor. If you have filled out a form and submitted it, you will be contacted when a tutor is available.

    If you are a student who is interested in being a Peer Tutor please fill out the tutoring registration form. You will be matched with a tutor.

    Students who tutor can get volunteer hours.

    For more information see Mrs. Raunig in the Counseling Office.

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