Advanced Placement (AP)

  • Advanced Placement (AP) classes are available at all GPS high schools.

    AP courses prepare students to take the national Advanced Placement examination given in the late spring of each school year.

    Students may be granted advanced placement status and/or college credit on the basis of how well they perform on these tests. Information regarding advanced placement courses and examinations is available from the counseling office of each high school.

    Students are not required to take an advanced placement course to be eligible to take the advanced placement examination; however, students enrolled in AP courses are expected to take the AP exam.

    AP/Honors classes are not available to homebound students. For more information see the Guidance and Counseling office or please visit

  • Advanced Placement (AP) classes are available at Campo Verde High School. AP classes require the type of high-level calculating and critical thinking that students will encounter in their first year of college.



    The deadline to register and pay for AP exams is OCTOBER 30, 2020. Students were given instructions in their AP classes on how to complete the registration process.  There are 2 steps that students must complete to successfully register and pay for an exam.  Both steps need to be completed by October 30, 2020 to avoid the $40 per exam late fee as mandated by the College Board. If you are unsure about wanting to test, it is recommended to register and pay because cancellation fees are waived through February 26, 2021, but late sign up fees ($40 per exam) are still in place after October 30th. Any classes that are strictly semester 2 do not require sign up and payment at this time.


    AP Exam Dates Link

    Steps to Register Document

    TotalRegistration Link   - Used to create or log in to existing account for test registration and payment




Last Modified on September 10, 2020