TOYBOX Preschool Program at Gilbert Public Schools

TOYBOX Overview

  • All Gilbert Public Schools preschool programs are aligned with the Arizona Department of Education Early Learning Standards.

    Toybox Preschool Program

    Offered in coordination with our Early Childhood Education CTE (Career Technical Education) Program allowing for unique STEAM learning opportunities in music, art, science, engineering, and more. Low staff-to-student ratios.

    Ages: 3 - 5

    School Day: 3 Day or 5 Day, 7:00am-4:30pm

    Locations: Located conveniently inside five of the GPS comprehensive high schools.  

    Toybox Overview

    We offer a full curriculum, teaching all subjects each day including language and literacy, STEM (science, tools, engineering, and math), social studies, art, music, and PE. Our goal is to prepare children for success in kindergarten as well as their entire educational careers. We work hard to build a positive foundation for school success and a love for learning. The TOYBOX Early Learning Center provides the opportunity for children to develop social relationships with peers, gain a positive self-concept, and foster an attitude of enthusiasm about school at an early age.

    Children learn to think critically, solve problems creatively, and interact in group situations. Having the support of high school students helps to maintain a low child-to-adult ratio, resulting in more one-on-one attention and learning. Being on a high school campus allows TOYBOX unique opportunities to participate in many activities, such as trying out the instruments in the orchestra, creating pottery with clay, participating in simple science experiments, making a creative snack with culinary, or visiting the animals in the agricultural lab.

    Enrollment for the current school year and 2024/25 year is open.

    Toybox Parent Handbooks

    Preschool Programs Parent Handbook 2023-2024 School Year

    Preschool Programs Parent Handbook 2024-2025 School Year

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Learn More About TOYBOX Preschool

  • The TOYBOX program is creatively planned with the child's mind, skills, and interests as the first consideration. We believe it is most important to encourage each child according to his/her developmental level.  

    TOYBOX highlights:

    • Directed by a highly qualified teacher with a background in early childhood education
    • Two paraprofessional specialists trained in early childhood education
    • Multiple high school student teachers working toward early childhood related careers
    • Average ratio is 5:1
    • TOYBOX uses the Wilson’s Fundations Language and Literacy Program
    • Children must be 3 by their first day of attendance and be able to use the restroom independently.  To be considered completely independent in toileting, a child must be able to do ALL of the following:
        • Are able to communicate the need to go to the toilet; including but not limited to, demonstrating control over going if they must wait for someone who is in the bathroom or if away from the bathroom

        • Can independently pull down their underwear and pants and pull them back up when done. This includes clothing with belts, buttons, zippers etc., if worn to school

        • Can independently clean their bottoms after using the toilet

        • Get on and off the toilet by themselves

        • Wash and dry their hands by themselves

        • Disposable training pants (i.e. Pull-ups) are not permitted per AZDHS Licensing

    Program Hours of Operation 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM daily (TOYBOX will close at 3:30 pm the day before Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer Breaks)


    2024-2025 School Year

    Registration fee: $50.00 per child


    • 3 days per week  $515.00 per month
    • 5 days per week - $665.00 per month

    For registrations prior to or on June 30, 2024, a $100 security deposit and $50 registration fee will be collected at the time of registration with the remaining tuition balance due by July 22, 2024. Both security deposit and registration fee are non-refundable.

    For registration on or after July 1, 2024, the registration fee and 1st-month tuition are due at the time of registration and are both non-refundable.  

    Gilbert Public Schools Employee Rate - please call the preschool office - employment verification required 




Contact Community Education

  • Contact Gilbert Public Schools Community Education Office

    480-892-9089 x0
    Office Hours: Monday–Thursday 8:00 am–4:30 pm & Friday 8:00 am–12:00 pm (closed Fridays in June/July)

    Note: Gilbert Public Schools Community Education Department has computer terminals available to use at our office at 6839 East Guadalupe Road in Mesa, Arizona, for preschool enrollment for families without online access. 


TOYBOX Preschool by School Location

TOYBOX School Address Hours
Campo Verde High 3870 S. Quartz St., Gilbert, AZ 7 am–4:30 pm
Desert Ridge High 10045 E. Madero Ave., Mesa, AZ 7 am–4:30 pm
Gilbert High 1101 E. Elliot Rd., Gilbert, AZ 7 am–4:30 pm
Highland High 4301 E. Guadalupe Rd., Gilbert, AZ 7 am–4:30 pm
Mesquite High 500 S. McQueen Rd., Gilbert, AZ 7 am–4:30 pm

Screening Information

  • Preschool Screening: Early Intervention & Developmental Delays Information

  • Preschool Immunizations Information

  • Preschool Online Enrollment Steps (Registration, Payment, & Annual Update Information)

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