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  • When Benjamin Franklin envisioned the first library, his aim was to share the joy that he experienced in the written word with his community.  He wanted a way for all citizens, no matter their status, to have access to any and all information that was available. He recognized the willingness and yearning of his fellow citizens to obtain knowledge which inspired him to create the first library system of the United States.

    It is with Mr. Franklin's original vision in mind that the Gilbert High School library will continue to grow into its new form.  Coupled with the College and Career Readiness Center, our new library aims to promote community, education, and to help students explore their own future educational possibilities. We hope to help students not only gain information to be utilized for schools assignments but to encourage our students to experience their education in such a way that they grow as human beings.  It is within the walls of "Stories" that students may be inspired by the stories of others, gain valuable information for planning their own futures, and to experience the great value of a supportive community.

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