Second Quarter

  • Keep Your Grades Up

    Aim for a 3.0 GPA or better.  

    Update Your High School Course Planner

    Build and update a four-year college and career readiness plan to achieve your high school goals.

    You can create plans based on careers you'd like to try, graduation requirements, and more. This is a living, changing document so don't get caught up feeling locked into your first draft. Your advisor will work with you to make plans for the education or training you need for your career choice. 

    Login to Infinite Campus > Academic Planner

Start/Update Your Résumé

  • Start and keep your résumé updated! One of the early steps in preparing for a job and/or scholarship search is the development of a high-quality résumé that represents your skills, experience, and educational attainments. Your résumé is the document that will either attract an employer/scholarship provider to call you in for an interview or will block you from having that opportunity.

    AZCIS Resources - Making a Résumé (pdf) | Résumé Guidelines (pdf) | Résumé Help (pdf)

    Begin to compile information for your resume including any Activities, GPA, class rank, special programs, internships, and school awards from your time in high school. You can save all of this information in AZCIS’s Résumé Builder which will make updating your résumé a breeze.

    Additional Resources -  High School Résumé Guide and Examples | Résumé Companion | Résumé Genius | Create a Resume in Google Docs

Register, Prepare & Take the PSAT/NMSQT® Test

  • Listen to the announcements at your school for sign-up instructions to register, prepare, and take the PSAT/NMSQT® test.

    Be Prepared – Free PSAT questions and test practice to help you prepare yourself for test day.

    After you take the PSAT/NMSQT, you can get a free, tailored practice program for the SAT—based on your personal test results—through Khan Academy®.

    You also get free access to the Roadmap to Careers online tool from Roadtrip Nation to explore majors and careers that reflect your interests.

    Important: Make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before, eat breakfast, and dress in layers so you can be comfortable if the testing room is hot or cold.

Explore Career & Technical Programs

  • Explore Career & Technical Education (CTE) Pathways

    Did you know that Gilbert Public Schools supports a diverse selection of CTE programs at all of our high schools? Through enrollment in CTE classes, you can explore a number of areas of occupational interests and pursue a career focus in depth while completing your high school diploma. Many of the CTE programs and classes are aligned with similar courses at local community colleges and are available for credit at both the high school and a community college simultaneously. 

    CTE programs are unique among high school course offerings as they provide:

    • Hands-on learning in laboratory-based experiential instruction
    • Work-based learning, relating the technical instruction and practice to what happens in the real world of work
    • Personal leadership development opportunities
    • Reinforcement of academic skills related to the technical area of study through real-life applications

    Learn more about what CTE classes are offered at your school!

    Do your plans involve attending EVIT?

    If you are considering applying to East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) for your Junior Year, you will need to submit an application along with your transcript, attendance, and discipline records. 

Explore the world and prepare to THRIVE!

  • Take assessments to discover your interests!

    How well do you know yourself? Career assessments help you identify your interests, skills and values, and match them to occupations. Assessments do not tell you what you can or cannot be, but you can use assessment results to help you make career plans and influence what courses you choose to explore in high school.

    AZCIS Assessments – (Note: These are accessed through your Rapid Identity/Clever Accounts):

    AZCIS Career Cluster Inventory – Find out which career clusters match your interests and view the occupations in those clusters.

    AZCIS Interest Profiler – Find out which work areas match your interests. View the occupations in those work areas.

    Reality Check - Find out how much money you will need to attain the lifestyle you desire. View occupations that pay enough to support your ideal lifestyle.

    Research your careers and post-grad options.

    Check out the two items below to help you get started...

    ASU me3 – Most students change their major in college at least once, and generally several times. This app will help you explore now to get a head start on planning for your future and what you can do to make it happen!

Finish the Semester Strong & Study for Your Finals

  • Keep up your good study habits! If you are struggling at any time: 1st-Consult your teacher, 2nd-Seek tutoring assistance, and 3rd-Consult your Counselor.

    Take advantage of any teacher or school-wide study sessions. Do not wait till the very last week to get help in a subject you may be struggling with. If you feel like a class is particularly easy for you, help out a friend and be a tutor. Teaching peers can only help solidify learning the material for you, too.

College Fair or Tours

  • Tri-University Events

    Tri-University Events Information 

    Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona are coming together to ensure you and your family are well informed about the opportunities and resources available to you, hosting joint virtual information sessions for prospective students and families to discuss the following:

    • How to navigate the college admission process.
    • Scholarships and financial aid.
    • Information about each university.
    • The honors experience at each university.

    View resources and programming to assist in your college search process.



    Arizona College Consortium Virtual Conference and College Fair

    Arizona College Consortium (AZ-CC) is a membership of over 30 post-secondary institutions.  The organization’s mission is to provide quality education pathways to meet the needs of future scholars. This college fair will allow students and families to:

    • Uncover new college options through a robust search tool
    • Experience virtual campus tours 
    • Watch videos and download materials helpful for in decision process
    • Schedule meetings and interviews with admissions representatives


    View Upcoming Fair Dates 


    NACAC Virtual College Fairs - Sign up now and start exploring!

    NACAC Virtual College Fairs


    College Fair Tips – Use these tips from NACAC to make the most out of the experience. 

    Why should I pre-register? Provide your information one time through a simple, online registration page instead of dozens of times on prospect cards at each college table.

Continue Your Career Research & Exploring Post-Grad Options

  • Did you know that each high school has a Career Center Coordinator and/or College and Career Liaison that can help you think about options for life after high school?

    They are great people to know and can get you better connected to opportunities like field trips, guest speakers, job shadows, college visits, etc. Take some time and go introduce yourself.

    Meet Your High School Career Center Coordinator and/or College and Career Liaisons 

    Campo Verde | Canyon ValleyDesert Ridge | Gilbert | Highland | Mesquite 

Last Modified on July 6, 2023