Finish the Semester Strong & Study for Your Finals

  • Keep up your good study habits! If you are struggling at any time: 1st-Consult your teacher, 2nd-Seek tutoring assistance, and 3rd-Consult your Counselor.

    Take advantage of any teacher or school-wide study sessions. Do not wait till the very last week to get help in a subject you may be struggling with. If you feel like a class is particularly easy for you, help out a friend and be a tutor. Teaching peers can only help solidify learning the material for you, too.

  • Don't forget to send your final transcripts after graduation, which you can order online via Parchment. 

    Parchment Digital Credentials Online Official Transcripts Gilbert Public Schools AZ

  • Congratulations, you did it! Prepare for graduation and thrive!

Last Modified on April 9, 2024