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Full-time Global Academy Enrollment

  • Full-time GPS Global Academy students take all of their Gilbert Public Schools classes online. Students who enroll full-time should meet one of the following criteria:

    • This student wishes to take all of their classes online via GPS Global Academy and will not take classes at another Gilbert Public Schools campus.
    • This student will attend classes on a non-Gilbert Public Schools campus but take online classes via GPS Global Academy


    Click here to learn how to enroll as a full-time student.

Concurrent Enrollment with GPS Global Academy and another school

  • Concurrently-enrolled (CE) students take a combination of in-person classes at a Gilbert Public Schools campus in addition to one or more online classes through GPS Global Academy. Students who concurrently enroll with GPS Global Academy should meet the following criterion:

    • The student is enrolled at a Gilbert Public Schools  junior high, or high school and wishes to take one or more online classes through GPS Global Academy


    Click here to learn how to join GPS Global Academy as a Concurrently-Enrolled (CE) student

On-Campus Center For Success

  • Students who attend a Gilbert Public Schools junior high or high school may opt to take online classes as part of their daily high school schedule and in a supervised classroom. This model is called "Center For Success." Students will have the benefits of taking online classes but will also have increased support and accountability from the classroom teacher.

    Click here to learn how to enroll in an on-campus Center For Success.

Last Modified on August 2, 2023