About Nutrition Services

  • It is the mission of the Gilbert Public Schools Nutrition Services Department to offer students breakfast and lunch meals of optimal nutritional value at a minimum cost.

    Power of Choice

    At Gilbert Public Schools we participate in a nutrition service system called "Offer versus Serve".  We are proud to offer a variety of healthy choices to our students each day including whole grains, fresh fruits & vegetables, lean meats, and low-fat milk.  

    We offer 5 different food components at lunch: Fruit, Vegetables, Grains, Milk, and Protein.  Students select at least 3 food items from 3 different food components including 1/2 cup of fruit/fruit juice, or vegetables.  

    We offer 3 different food components at breakfast: Fruit, Grains/Protein, and Milk.  Students select at least 3 food items including 1/2 cup of fruit/fruit juice. 

    For a balanced meal with the best nutrition, we encourage our students to select food items from all of the offered food components.

    Wellness Policy

    Our district's wellness policy focuses on supporting healthy eating and physical activity in the school environment to promote and protect our students' health, well-being, and ability to learn.  

    Special Dietary Needs

    GPS Nutrition Services employs three Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) who work with other health professionals to create customized diets for students who have special dietary needs.

    Download the Special Dietary Needs Form and return it to the GPS Nutrition Services Department. The form must be completed by a physician, physician assistant, registered dietitian nutritionist, or nurse practitioner.

    Scheduling Nutrition Presentations

    Gilbert Public Schools Nutrition Services offers nutrition classes or activities for your students. Topics may include:

    ·  Healthy eating (MyPlate)

    ·  Importance of fruits and vegetables

    ·  Importance of eating breakfast

    ·  Choosing healthier beverages

    ·  Any other nutrition-related topics your students may be interested in.

    Assistance can also be provided to implement nutrition education programs such as Fuel Up to Play 60.  For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact Luce Filiatrault, RD, Nutrition Educator.

Now Hiring

  • Gilbert Public Schools is hiring for part-time positions on an on-going basis.

    What we offer:

    • Daytime shifts from approximately 9:30-1:30
    • Weekends and summers off
    • Pay of $10.00 per hour plus a free lunch

    You must meet the following criteria:

    • Able to lift 25-50 lbs. on a regular basis
    • Have reliable transportation
    • Have proof of MMR immunization (No proof required if born before 1957)
    • Have a current Food Handler's Card

    For further information about joining our team, please call Carolyn at 480.497.3334

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