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Kindergarten Events - You Are Invited!

Kindergarten Events and Tours - April and May 

Are You Ready for Kindergarten?


We are looking forward to welcoming our newest students and their families for the 2024/25 school year. Across our 27 elementary schools we offer a wide variety of Kinder programs to meet the needs of all students and families, including conventional kindergarten classrooms, traditional, dual-language Spanish, and accelerated.


All Kindergarten programs are led by highly qualified and experienced teachers ready to welcome your child to an educational journey filled with learning and fun! Kindergarten will support your student to create a solid foundation, both academically and socially for a lifetime of learning.


For our new students there is a focus on settling in, making new friends, and establishing positive learning habits, learning new things alongside peers and their teacher.  As a parent of a soon to be Kindergarten student you may have many questions and we are here to help.


During April and May all of our elementary schools will be having Kindergarten events to prepare for the new school year, and you are invited.  This is a great opportunity to meet our Kindergarten teachers, to visit our campuses, and to ask any questions you may have. You can also schedule a tour by visiting any of our school websites.  For details of all upcoming Kindergarten events please visit


It is our priority to meet the unique needs of our students in partnership with parents and families. That really kicks off during these events where you have the opportunity to meet our teams and ask questions as well as get acquainted with the campus.


Kindergarten in Gilbert Public Schools offers students an accredited curriculum created to inspire learning.  Teachers are highly qualified. There are many additional support services available at our school. Students learn alongside their peers as well as working individually, and enjoy art, music, PE, and more.


Throughout your GPS experience you and your student can expect: 

  • Highly-qualified teachers, interacting with and supporting your Kindergarten student

  • Accredited and approved Gilbert Public Schools curriculum that inspires every learner

  • Opportunities for your Kindergartner to engage in learning individually, in small groups, and as a class

  • Access to support services as needed

  • And a focus on academic excellence, with access to art, music, PE as well as other specials.


Above all else we want you to know that we care deeply about your child, and we are dedicated to ensuring that this year is a positive experience that will inspire them as learners for years to come.  


Please visit our website for more information on Kindergarten and School Website to enroll now or schedule a tour with our Principal.  We look forward to welcoming you to our family!