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Third graders participate in Friendsgiving at Greenfield Elementary

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 The Thanksgiving Story book sits on a table surrounded by fall leaves and art projects.This time of year reminds us of all the reasons that we have to be thankful, including more time spent with our family and friends. Third grade students at Greenfield Elementary got the opportunity to make new memories with their friends, parents and teachers during a Friendsgiving outdoor event held on campus just before the Thanksgiving holiday. It was organized by a group of parents, so students could get together and do something fun before the break.

“It was more thinking of something that the kids could do across the grade level and not just with students in their class,” said Jodi Pang-Diekevers, a parent of a Greenfield Elementary student and one of the event’s organizers.

Friendsgiving was both fun and educational. More than 150 students participated in the event and were able to learn about Indigenous culture and traditions. There were traditional games, a pie tasting and an art walk. The traditional art on display featured work from each third grade classroom.

“We have everything from spin drums, to beaded and feather necklaces and talking sticks,” Pang-Diekevers said.

The students also signed a giant Friendsgiving banner, which will be kept over the next three years along with photos from the day to be displayed Third grade students do a leaping game outside on the playground during Friendsgiving.during their Sixth Grade Walkout. Students also swapped friendship bracelets with their classmates and received a placemat as a souvenir to keep. 

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Story and Photos by Kailey Latham