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Augusta Ranch Elementary Welcomes Special Guests to Showcase the Power of Exercise and Reading

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Chris Powell leading students through Move One Million routineEarlier this year, students at Augusta Ranch Elementary experienced a morning of movement and mindfulness by going through initiatives that focused on the value of exercise and reading. 4th graders at Augusta Ranch powered through the Move One Million program, led by celebrity fitness expert Chris Powell, and the Arizona Cardinal’s Milk and Cookies program, which featured Cardinal’s running back Corey Clement and two cheerleaders.

On the morning of November 14, 2023, Augusta Ranch students walked into their physical education class and found Chris Powell waiting for them. Powell then led the class through his Move One Million initiative - a series of daily movements and meditation techniques that encourage lifelong positive change. The exercises, which take less than 150 seconds to complete, stretch and activate every major muscle group in the body. According to the Move One Million website, the program is designed to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain, organs, and muscles - which can help reduce stress and anxiety while creating a feeling of accomplishment.

“Now that we’ve learned about the Move One Million program, we definitely want to start doing these movements every day,” said Jennifer Brennan, a 4th-grade teacher at Augusta Ranch Elementary. “When you exercise, you are more ready to learn so I think this is something that can benefit my students.”

Corey Clement and AZ Cardinals cheerleaders reading to studentIn addition to the Move One Million initiative, the Augusta Ranch 4th graders also participated in the Arizona Cardinal’s Milk & Cookies program, a season-long project designed to promote literacy throughout Valley elementary schools. Through this program, a Cardinals player and two cheerleaders visit a class of approximately 50 students each week to read and play interactive games. After hearing a story and playing some games, students at Augusta Ranch were given free Cardinals swag, and the class was able to get autographs from Clement and the cheerleaders.

“It’s really cool to see someone who my students look up to come in and promote reading,” added Mrs. Brennan. “Having the Cardinals come visit my students is something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Four years ago, my students had to opportunity to experience the same program and they still talk about it to this day.”

Move One Million is a 100% free service available to everyone. For more information about the movements, or to register your community for the program, visit To learn more about the Cardinals Milk and Cookies program, including how to nominate a school, visit Cardinal's Community Webpage.


Story by Tristan Chavez