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Young artists to showcase their work at the GPS Elementary Student Art Show

Gold celebrating the best of GPS!

A photo of two pieces of student artwork that show drawings of tennis shoes.They are young, creative, and represent the best of the best, and for three nights only, these elementary students are going to showcase their work for the entire community to see. More than 700 pieces of student art will go on display at Norwood Furniture in Gilbert from April 4-6 for the annual Gilbert Public Schools Elementary Student Art Show.

“To be at a furniture store and see their artwork in public, I mean they feel like they are famous. Just seeing that expression on their faces is the most rewarding thing,” said Anne Schwaab, the head of the district’s Elementary Art Department.

Roughly 30 students are chosen from each of the 26 GPS elementary schools. This year, paintings, drawings, and 3D art will be featured, and every student who participates receives a medal and a certificate.

“There are times when students wear the medal for the rest of the school year, because they are just so proud of themselves,” Schwaab said.

The art is handpicked by the district’s 14 certified Elementary Art teachers. They spend several months collecting the best work from each class and grade level, and then they narrow it down right before Spring Break.

“It’s all based on the artwork that we do in class,” Schwaab said.

Norwood Furniture is once again hosting the big event. The owners of the store, Tom and Marj Brundrett, have been huge supporters of the art show for more than three decades. The store not only provides a location for the event, but the Brundretts also donate directly to the department.

A vibrant drawing of the desert at night showing cacti, yellow mountains, a blue sky with the stars and moon.
“They have done amazing things for us. They donate to us, and that’s why we are able to have the art show,” Schwaab said.

GPS teachers and students also enjoy seeing the community’s support. The art show happens in the evening during store hours, which allows shoppers the opportunity to also browse the artwork. Each piece includes a brief description of the young artists and their class assignment. Schwaab says having art at the elementary level provides a safe space for students to express their creativity.

“I feel it’s crucial to have art at the elementary level, because every kid wants to be an artist,” she said, “It builds their confidence and allows them to explore different art materials.”

If you would like to check out and support the Gilbert Public Schools Elementary Student Art Show, stop by Norwood Furniture in Gilbert on April 4-6 from 5:30 - 8:30pm. The event is free and open to the public. 


Written by Kailey Latham