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Around the World in 1 Day! Sonoma Ranch Hosts 2nd Annual Multicultural Night

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Sonoma Ranch Elementary School transformed into a global village on April 24th as it hosted its 2nd Annual Multicultural Night. Students, families, and staff embarked on a cultural journey as they walked the campus halls, visiting classrooms transformed to celebrate a specific culture or country. Each classroom not only represented the rich diversity of the student body but also the broader tapestry of cultures found in the local community and around the world. The event aimed to educate participants about these diverse cultures and foster a spirit of celebration and understanding.

Upon arrival, families were greeted by a real airline pilot, setting the stage for their global voyage. Each family received special "passports" to document their cultural discoveries throughout the event. Travelers then embarked on a journey through the transformed classrooms, each one an immersive experience focused on a particular culture. From India's architectural marvels to Australia's fascinating wildlife and the captivating history of Egyptian pharaohs and mummies, each classroom offered a unique window into different cultural practices and the knowledge that comes with them.

"Multicultural Night is an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn about and celebrate different cultures," said Ingra Erickson, 2nd-grade teacher and Outreach Committee Chair at Sonoma Ranch Elementary. "The teachers really go the extra mile to make their classrooms educational and interactive which helps everyone learn more about the many cultures we have in our community."

Sonoma Ranch Elementary's diverse student body, with 34% identifying as Hispanic/Latino, 6% as Asian, and 6% belonging to two or more races, was vibrantly represented at Multicultural Night. These cultures weren’t just showcased in the decorated classrooms but also through delicious food options. A popular sushi stand returned for a second year, alongside food trucks offering Hawaiian food, shaved ice, and authentic Mexican cuisine. These culinary delights were further complemented by individual contributions like those of Jennifer Lopez, who shared her heritage by providing homemade quesadillas, chips and salsa, and traditional Mexican candy.

Jennifer Lopez handing out Mexican food"I enjoy being involved in school activities, and Multicultural Night provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with other parents and celebrate the wonderful diversity that makes up Sonoma Ranch," added Lopez, a parent of Kindergarten student Penny Lopez. "We're excited to share our Mexican heritage and experience the traditions of other cultures with our family."

Events like Multicultural Night at Sonoma Ranch Elementary aim to educate and celebrate the cultures found in the local community. To learn more about Multicultural Night, including information about how to get involved in future events, please contact your child's teacher or the administrative office at Sonoma Ranch Elementary.


Written by Tristan Chavez