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GPS rolls out free online tutoring for 7th - 12th grade students with the help of NetTutor

Free Online Tutoring 24/7 Gilbert Public Schools NetTutorJunior High and High School students in Gilbert Public Schools can now access free online tutoring 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The on-demand service is available through a new partnership between Gilbert Public Schools and NetTutor

“It really changes the game in terms of access to help,” said Principal Rod Huston from Mesquite High School.

Students enrolled in 7th through 12th grades will be able to access tutoring by logging into GPS Rapid Identity and clicking on the NetTutor tile. The online service offers expert assistance in more than 100 subjects as well as ACT Prep. There is no-cost to students or families. Full-time tutors are highly-qualified. They all have previous teaching or tutoring experience and a bachelor’s degree at a minimum. 

“The tutor that you get will be a specialist in the subject. I think this is going to be extremely beneficial for students and families,” said Woodland Hodges, K-12 History and Social Sciences Coordinator for Gilbert Public Schools. 

The live tutoring feature on NetTutor is available to meet the needs of students and families with busy schedules. Questions, assignment or essay reviews can also be submitted using a drop-off feature. Students are guaranteed a response in a maximum of one to two days depending on the submission, but turnaround times are typically less. Tutoring sessions and responses are stored on the site for students, allowing them to go back to the content later for review.

“It not only makes a difference for our students, but it also makes a difference for our teachers,” Huston said.

NetTutor is in place to support what students are already doing in the classroom – no matter their learning level. For students wanting additional instruction, appointment times are available for one-on-one help at the student’s convenience. Teachers at Mesquite High School have already started introducing NetTutor in their classrooms. Huston encourages parents and families to explore the website.

“I think it is important that they take some time to sit down with their kids, log in, and check it out,” he said.

Hodges describes the website as “very user-friendly.” If students by chance have a technical issue, they can submit a support ticket directly to NetTutor.


For more information about this free online tutoring service, visit the NetTutor section of our website!


Written by Kailey Latham