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7th Grade GCA student is a 2019 World Chess Cadet Championship Qualifier!

Merissa Wongso Gilbert Classical Academy World Chess Qualifier

One of GCA's 7th graders, Merissa Wongso, was qualified and therefore invited to participate in the 2019 World Chess Cadet Championship for Girls 12 and Under.

The event took place in Weifang, China, from August 21st to September 2nd, 2019. As expected, it was a grueling 11 round championship, with one long chess match per day, featuring the best chess players from all over the world. Merissa had the opportunity to play against players from Estonia, South Africa, Slovakia, Taiwan, Russia, Canada, Macau and of course, the host country, China.

While it was stressful to play chess against the best, it was fun and memorable too: imagine being escorted by a police car daily to the playing venue so that all traffic lights were green! Besides, Merissa also learned how to communicate with non-English speaker chess players and some life coping skills in China like how to use chopsticks and squatting toilets! Lastly, Merissa hopes more people will learn to play chess and loving it, as she did 3 years ago.


Congratulations, Merissa Wongso!