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GCA Senior Greyson Henry Participated in KEYS Summer Internship Program

Greyson shares his lab results

What I did this summer by Greyson Henry

This summer, I was one of 50 high school students selected to participate in a research internship program at the University of Arizona called KEYS. I spent seven weeks living on campus, learning how to function in a professional lab environment, and performing my own independent research experiment in Dr. George Sutphin’s microbiology lab, with a focus on exploring methods of extending human lifespan. In my time in the Sutphin Lab, I worked with the Caenorhabditis elegans roundworm, which I genetically altered in an attempt to prolong its life; my experiment found promising results using genetic alterations to the kynurenine metabolic pathway, and my work will be published later this year. As someone who has always been incredibly fascinated by science and the advancements we can continue to make in a variety of research fields, KEYS was an excellent opportunity for me to gain more experience in an area I love. I can confidently say after my lab experience with KEYS that my heart is completely set on achieving a career in science, finding any way I can to help build a better future for everyone.