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Harris Hawks learn the rules of the road

Gold celebrating the best of GPS

Harris Elementary students pose on their bicycles at the Bike and Safety Rodeo in Gilbert.

Students at Harris Elementary School are putting safety first. The Harris Student Council teamed up with the PTSO and Phoenix Children’s to host a Bike and Scooter Safety Rodeo this month. The goal of the free event was to educate students and families about the importance of wearing a helmet and other safety tips.

The family-friendly rodeo offered students the opportunity to connect with their classmates and learn the rules of the road. Students were able to navigate a rodeo course in the school's parking lot using their bikes and scooters. Volunteers also took time to show students and parents how to properly fit a helmet. When it comes to bicycle inspections, families learned how to check the tires, brakes, chain, seat, and handlebars. Phoenix Children’s also gave away brand new helmets to students.

While the event was focused on bicycle and scooter safety, students received a special visit from the Gilbert Fire Department. They got the chance to check out a fire engine and meet local firefighters. 

The Bike and Scooter Safety Rodeo is one of the many fun events happening at Harris Elementary. Schedule a school tour to learn more or enroll today!

Written by Kailey Latham