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Harris Elementary receives $5,000 donation for teachers and students

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Principal Bill Roth poses with a $5,000 check inside Harris Elementary in Mesa, Arizona.


In honor of its new store opening in Mesa, Burlington donated $5,000 to Harris Elementary. The national discount retailer partnered with to help provide the school with new supplies. The partnership between Burlington and has supported more than one million students nationwide since 2017. Principal Bill Roth says the donation to Harris means a lot to his staff.

“We were just ecstatic, because we didn’t expect it,” he said, “For my teachers, it’s nice that they are recognized. They work really hard.”

The money from the donation is being evenly distributed among the staff to be used for purchasing new materials directly through Teachers will have access to nearly 30 vendors to purchase their supplies and have them directly shipped to the school. The supplies will be added to classroom centers, which are used for small group activities to practice phonics, fluency, and comprehension. Roth says the supplies will be put to use for hands-on and engaging classroom lessons.

“The extra supplies are going to be nice. Rather than having to share, students will actually be able to do it themselves,” he said.

Harris Elementary is one of nine Title I schools in the Gilbert Public Schools district. The federally funded program helps supplement regular classroom instruction by providing support for students who are at risk of not meeting state academic standards. Title I funding provides a wide-range of support and opportunities for all students attending Title I schools.  

To learn more about how this funding works and what you can do to support our school district to ensure this funding continues, read more about Title I on the Federal and State Programs section of our website.

Written by Kailey Latham