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Campo Verde students turn their passions into purpose

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Two headshots side-by-side of Matias Gonzalez and Lillian Gettig from Campo Verde High School.Two Campo Verde High School students are being recognized nationally for their commitment to community service. Lillian Gettig and Matias Gonzalez were honored by two organizations, the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) and InnerView, at the 5th Annual National Community Service Impact Awards. Gettig received the Merit Award, and Gonzalez was a recipient of the Ambassador Award as well as The Kroger Co.’s Zero Hero Award.

“I tell my students that we are never better than when we give and when we serve. It is rewarding to witness the transformative impact of taking the time to help another human,” said Kathleen Diggs, the Community Service Coordinator and Key Club Advisor at Campo Verde. 

Diggs encouraged Gonzalez and Gettig to become youth leaders with the United Nations Association of the USA. The program, which is open to all U.S. high school students, aims to connect student community service activities across the country, promote skill development, and encourage a personal commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

“Students learn to set goals that promote continuous growth in areas of emphasis that are most important to them. They are encouraged to create projects, activities and culture that can remain in place and continue after they have moved on,” Diggs said.

Gettig is passionate about good health, wellbeing, and eliminating poverty. For her Sustainable Development Goals, she focused on raising awareness about mental health and promoting healthy habits. She also educated those in her community about the struggles facing the homeless population. Gonzalez focused on his areas of passion, including quality education, sustainable communities, good health, and wellbeing. He spent time tutoring elementary and high school students. He served as a member of the Key Club and Humanity Rising, and he volunteered at local food drives to help displaced families. 

“Campo Verde High School students know that at the cornerstone of our motto, ‘Every Person, Every Day’ is the idea of community and service to others,” Diggs said, “Matias Gonzalez and Lillian Gettig are part of what makes this campus so amazing.”

In their work with the UNA-USA, Gettig and Gonzalez created digital service resumes, logging their volunteer hours, community service events, and sharing photos of their work in the community. The resumes can be shared with prospective colleges and employers as a way to demonstrate their personal commitment to service and key areas of interest. The tool provided by InnerView doesn’t expire upon their graduation from high school. 

“Most valuable is the ability students have to connect their passions to meaningful ways to serve in local, state, national and international communities,” Diggs said.

Gettig and Gonzalez will likely continue to participate in community service programs during the remainder of their time at Campo Verde. Diggs believes both are gaining valuable skills that will continue to help them later on in life.

“It is my goal that they make a habit of serving others, much like going to the gym or learning, so that the feel-good vibes become something they do not want to live without! Through service, students become more humble, more kind and empathetic. Students discuss that they want to become successful in their adult lives to increase their ability to have a positive impact; something I call their “service footprint”,” she said.

To learn more about Campo Verde High School and the many service opportunities available to students, schedule a school tour or enroll today!

Written by Kailey Latham