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Livestock on campus takes hands-on learning to the next level

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A large crowd awaits the start of the Gilbert High FFA Lamb & Goat Auction at Gilbert High School.On the morning of Saturday, August 26, more than 200 visitors from near and far were welcomed onto the campus of Gilbert High School. Some visitors came from as far away as California to take part in the annual Gilbert High Future Farmers of America (FFA) Lamb & Goat Auction. 

“We have been told it is the best, largest and longest-running student-run auction in the country,” said Ken Johnson, teacher and FFA advisor. 

This year’s event featured 55 animals from 12 different farmers across Arizona. While all buyers were welcomed to attend, most were agricultural students looking to find an animal to later sell at their county fair. 

“If you get one and you can keep it at the school, both Animal Science classes will be able to go out there and check up on them,” said Tyler Katz, a sophomore student. 

Days before the auction was set to take place, students in the Animal Science course interacted with the animals for the very first time this school year. They learned the proper terminology and how to hold, guide and present the animals at the auction. Johnson also worked with students on being confident with the animals. 

“You can’t be afraid of the animals, or you’re not going to get the job done,” said Harley Hubbard, a junior at the high school. 

In order to prepare for the auction, every student in the program was assigned a job. They worked together to clean, organize and set everything up. For every $100 earned from auction sales, Gilbert High received $15 to support future agricultural programming. 

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Two female students lead the Lamb & Goat auction at Gilbert High School.

Six female students are seen at a registration table for the Lamb & Goat auction at Gilbert High School.

A female student is seen pulling a young lamb from its pen at Gilbert High School.

Male students stand by a sign in the Gilbert High Land Lab.



Written by Kailey Latham, Photos by Jonason Pauley