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The GHS AG Engineering School Improvement Concrete Project

The GHS Ag Engineering & Fabrication 2 classes constructing concrete pads in the livestock pens at the GHS Ag Center

The students have studied the hydration process and components of making cement into concrete.  Students are gaining employability skills in a hands-on environment.  They completed project planning,  teamwork,   quality control and the 3rd year students taught and demonstrated skills.  Through slump test trials and water to cement mix ratio, they were able to the strongest yet workable concrete to build the pads.  Pride in workmanship and ownership in a long-lasting project in their own facility and high school is highly valued.

Ag student with wheel barrel    AG Students shoveling cement
Students gain career readiness skills by building, modifying, repairing and maintaining the Ag Center where students raise livestock.  The concrete pads are placed in the livestock pens to give the animals a place to get out of the mud when the pens get wet.
Agriculture Engineering and Fabrication 2 is a CTE/elective class.  Students learn skills in concrete,  metal fabrication, electricity, surveying, TIG welding.  Students will also be receiving plumbing and OSHA safety certifications and may receive dual enrollment credit.
Students Leveling Concrete   Students Mixing Cement