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Gilbert Accelerated Middle School to open at Gilbert High

Seventh and eighth grade students who love learning and being challenged in the classroom now have the chance to fully immerse themselves in honors and accelerated coursework at Gilbert Accelerated Middle School. GAMS opens at Gilbert High starting in the 2022-2023 school year. In launching the middle school, Gilbert Public Schools increases student access to rigorous courses while also connecting seventh and eighth graders with high school and college-level faculty. Students enrolled in GAMS develop a personalized six-year plan, where they can take the lead in building their educational experience through high school graduation. Students will also learn leadership skills, take physical education, and enroll in a performing arts program like band, choir, or orchestra.

While GAMS students will be challenged academically, this doesn’t mean they will necessarily have to do more work than other students in their grade level. It means the GAMS curriculum will center on an in-depth approach to teaching and learning. As a result, these students are introduced to multiple pathways of academic success that will benefit them at Gilbert Public Schools and beyond. 

If they choose to, GAMS students can participate in school clubs, activities, and pep assemblies. They can take part in the National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, and explore Career & Technical Education programs. They can also engage in coursework towards joining the full IB Diploma Programme, also offered at Gilbert High. GAMS students will not be affiliated with any Gilbert High sports programs.

Gilbert Accelerated Middle School will provide a supportive learning environment where the students work alongside their peers on a high school campus. Students will wear uniforms and have classes in the same area of the school. They will also have a separate lunch period from Gilbert High students.

New for 2022-23 Gilbert Accelerated Middle School Information for Families
Enrolling in Gilbert Accelerated Middle School will provide GPS students with an opportunity to grow into well-rounded individuals. They will develop a diverse academic portfolio and become empowered leaders in their community. 

Learn more about Gilbert Accelerated Middle School by scheduling a school tour or enrolling today!


Written by Kailey Latham