Education Professions – CTE Program of Study (pdf)

The Education Professions program is designed to prepare students for employment and/or postsecondary opportunities in the education field. The program provides instruction in education career choices, education structure and systems, theory, pedagogy, developmental stages, learning styles and methodology. The program also provides interactive experiences with students at different age levels, in a variety of content areas in educational environments. Education Professions is designed to articulate with the Introduction to Education courses at the community college and Para-professional preparation programs. In addition to technical skills, students completing this program will develop advanced critical thinking skills, enhanced academic skills, develop civic responsibility, comprehend the stages of human development and their impact on learning in the classroom, identify instructional methods for student learning, examine and understand the role of the education industry as a consumer and the economy, and develop employability and leadership skills. The program utilizes a delivery system made up of four integral parts:  formal/technical instruction, experiential/service-learning, supervised work-based learning and the student organization, EdRising.

Education Professions is offered at Highland High.

Education Professions Courses

  • LM112 Teacher Preparation Program I
  • LM113 Teacher Preparation Program II
  • CT326 Education Professions Internship
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