Governing Board Brief - December 15, 2020

The Governing Board met for a scheduled governing board business meeting on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.

The meeting began with an executive session at 4:15 pm  for discussion or consideration of matters relating to school safety operations or school safety plans or programs.

The board business meeting was called to order at 6:00pm.

The meeting began with the Superintendent’s Report.  Dr. Shane McCord, Superintendent, highlighted the following:


Highland High Football - Runner up 6A state championships

Mesquite High Football - 4A state champions (2nd year)

GPS Coding League Winners (Computer Science Week)

  1. Ben Hunter - Highland HighAyan Bhatia - Gilbert Classical Academy
  2. Auhan Bhowmick - Highland High
  3. Conner Daneshkhah - Gilbert Classical Academy
  4. Victoria Wang - Gilbert Classical Academy
  5. Malia Burner - Highland High
  6. Easton Peterson - Desert Ridge Junior High
  7. Nabiha Alam (tie) - Gilbert Classical Academy
  8. Cohen Mann (tie) - Highland Junior High
  9. Alex Moss - Highland High

National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalists

Campo Verde - Lauryn Brandt

Desert Ridge - Adelyn Dao 

Mesquite High - Donovan Harp and Hongtao Liu

Gilbert Classical Academy - Matthew Hanna

Highland High - Marianne Wood, Jason Calalang, and Isaac Root. 

2020 AZ National Board Certified Teachers

  • James Archambault
  • Kerri Glover
  • Haley Mercy

2020 Renewal of AZ National Board Certified Teacher - Lori Fultz

Requests to speak to the governing board followed, there were 23 requests to speak.

The Monthly Budget Report followed, presented by Assistant Superintendent, Ms. Bonnie J. Betz.

A report of Social Emotional Supports followed, presented by Ms. Susan Cadena, K-12 Prevention.

The following Consent Agenda items were approved with a 5-0 vote:

7.02 Approval of Minutes for Regular Board Meeting on November 17, 2020, Brief Board Business Meeting on December 1, 2020 and Special Board Meeting on December 8, 2020

7.03 Certified Personnel

7.04 Support Staff Personnel

7.05 Substitute Personnel

7.07 Expand and Upgrade the West Drive Lanes at Highland High School

7.08 Painting and Weatherization of Buildings at Desert Ridge High School

7.09 Replace and Upgrade Building HVAC Control Systems

7.10 Replace and Upgrade Gymnasium Bleachers

7.11 FY 2021 Parent Support Organizations

7.12 Acceptance of Donations

7.13 Ratification of Prior Month Financial Vouchers

The following Action Agenda item was approved with 5-0 votes:

8.01 Approval of Instruction given in Executive Session. The Governing Board may vote to Authorize its Attorney or Representatives to Act as Instructed in the Executive Session Convened Pursuant to Agenda Item 1.02 

Item 8.02 Discussion and Possible Action Regarding the Type of Learning Mode We Will be in When Students Return from Winter Break. The following motion was approved with a 3-2 vote.

On November 4 this Governing Board instructed the Superintendent to utilize school-by-school COVID cases and GPS-boundary, county published, specific metrics for determining when a school or the entire district will meet in a hybrid or in-person manner.  The Board updates its instruction to the Superintendent as follows: Classes will be held in hybrid fashion for the first week of school followed by in-person, 5 days a week, except where previously established COVID case limits are exceeded; with some school specific exceptions  as previously determined, those limits are 1% at high schools, 1.5% at junior high schools, and 2% at elementary schools. 

The following action agenda items were approved with 5-0 votes:

8.03 Policy Development: First Read of Policy GCQA - Professional Staff Reduction in Force

8.04 Policy Development: First Read of Policy GDQA - Support Staff Reduction in Force 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.