Governing Board Brief - August 6, 2019

The Governing Board met for their regular Board Meeting and Work-Study on Tuesday, August 6, 2019.

The meeting began with a call to Executive Session at 5:30 pm to discuss 'Board Evaluation'.

The Executive Session concluded at 6:30pm, the Work-Study was then called to order.

The Work-Study began with a presentation on ‘Digital Citizenship’ presented by Mr. Jon Castelhano, Executive Director of Technology, Ms. Leanne Lacey, Instructional Technology Coordinator and Ms Susan Cadena, K-12 Prevention Coordinator.

Mr. Castelhano began the presentation by highlighting the vision statement for the district regarding digital citizenship and cybersecurity: ‘GPS students and staff will become responsible digital citizens who know how to harness the learning potential of digital media in a 24/7 connected world. GPS students will be able to experience digital learning in a safe, monitored environment, and learn to use online tools safely, effectively, ethically, and respectfully.’

Key highlights of the Digital Citizenship presentation include:

  • GPS is committed to providing Digital Citizenship education, resources, and support to the students, staff and families of Gilbert Public Schools.
  • Technology Services and Prevention Services will be joining together to provide comprehensive training, lessons, outreach, resources, and support to the campuses, and all stakeholders in the district with regards to Digital Citizenship.
  • The recommended curriculum continues to be’s (new) Digital Citizenship Curriculum and the local staff from will provide local implementation support.
  • New Common Sense additions, starting this school year, include Individual educator recognition; Campus recognition and District recognition (if 75% of campuses district-wide Digital Citizenship recognized).
  • It is a partnership including TIEs, Social Workers, Counselors, administrators, teachers, and library staff, as well as students and parents.
  • South Valley Junior High have already been successful in achieving their campus recognition.

The presenters answered questions from the Governing Board. 

Mr. Castelhano then asked Mr. Ward Heinemann, System Administration Coordinator and Mr. Scott Haase, Network Coordinator to join him to present to the Governing Board on ‘Cybersecurity’.  Highlights of this presentation include:

  • The District Incident Response Plan includes detailed processes for preparation and prevention of cybersecurity threats.
  • The District is following the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework to ensure that Gilbert Public Schools’ cybersecurity isn’t missing any critical components. NIST CSF includes guidelines to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover, which are all part of a complete cybersecurity program.  
  • The team continues to: apply best practices, leverage consulting when needed, educate staff, secure the network, and apply current updates and backups. Rapid Identity, our district identity management system is a secure method to connect employees with apps used across the district.
  • Moving forward the team intends to: continue leveraging outside consultants when necessary, take advantage of current resources, continue to work on comprehensive plan, provide opportunities for current TS staff to attend PD opportunities, continue to collaborate with other K-12 districts, continue communicating with staff, require cybersecurity education for staff, increase line-item budget for cybersecurity based on need. 

The presenters answered questions from the Governing Board.

The Work-Study was adjourned at 7:34 pm.

The Brief Board Meeting was then called to order at 7:35 pm.

The following Consent Agenda items were approved with a 5-0 vote.

6.01 Certified Personnel

6.02 Approve Midstate Mechanical for the Purchase of HVAC upgrades at Multiple School Sites.

6.03 Approval of IGA between Gilbert Public Schools and the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT)

6.05 Approval of Overnight and/or Out-of-State Travel

Item 6.04 Approval of the Memorandum of Understanding for Southwest Behavioral & Health Services of the Consent Agenda was approved with a 5-0 vote following questions from the Governing Board.

Action Item agenda item 7.01 End of Year (EOY) Contracts was approved with a 5-0 vote.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.