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Gilbert Education Foundation GEF Gilbert Education Foundation (GEF) is pleased to be able to offer scholarships to Gilbert Public Schools graduating seniors!

Over the past ten years, GEF has contributed $500,000.00 to students, staff and programs in Gilbert Public Schools. The Gilbert Education Foundation is a 501(c)3. 

Note that scholarships are available for all GPAs, fields of study, types of schools, etc. Do not miss this opportunity to help fund your education!


Basic eligibility requirements for all GEF scholarships:

  • Must be a graduating senior of Gilbert Public Schools, specific school requirements may apply based on scholarship.
  • Must plan on attending an accredited two or four-year College or University, technical or vocational school in the fall after GPS graduation, or as indicated per each scholarship. If you are not planning on attending a program in the fall immediately after your GPS graduation do not apply as they are unable to defer scholarships. 
  • Must meet minimum requirements designated by each particular scholarship.
  • Student may submit an application for more than one scholarship; however, only one will be awarded to a student. 

GEF Scholarships & Applications