Site council meeting notes from 11/14/23

Site Council meeting - 11/14/23


Welcome Jane Vela! - Landings Credit Union


Parental involvement - 

Parent volunteer list sent out

Expectations of opportunities throughout the year

Playground involvement?

Garden club?


Site Council roles/responsibilities

Consensus on some budgetary requests


Front office

Review and approve school budget

Provide feedback on school’s CIP

Review and contribute to principal selection criteria (when there is a vacancy)

Review and approve annual marketing and partnership development plan

Identify parent training needs related to strategic priorities

Distribute non-designated tax credit funds

Biggest Community needs 


Mural - Mrs Holmber/Molly

Fake grass

Garden club?

How can we support the CIP?  How do we leverage the limited resources to protect our core purpose - teaching and learning.

Playground and supervision


General Tax Credit

Unrestricted Capital


For next time:Playground supervision volunteer list

Staff and student needs assessment followed by community - playground

Garden interest - coming soon

Teacher tips on using parent volunteers in classroom - Learner’s Market(Karen)