Global Academy Program Highlights

Global Academy Program Highlights

Online classes ain’t what they used to be. In partnership with district schools, Global Academy has created five different models for online learning, giving students and families the ability to choose the best fit.

Our models fall in different places on the continuum of support, from “minimal teacher support behind the scenes” to “most teacher support, on a mostly daily basis,” as illustrated below. I’ll dive into each of their features in the following sections.


Continuum of models



As a district school, Global is able to enroll students who do not wish to be in a brick and mortar school at all. These students instead choose to take online classes year-round (even during the summer!) in nine week increments. Over the course of 12 months, these students can earn just as many credits as their brick-and-mortar peers.

Being full-time online grants students some flexibility. Many of our full-time students also have full-time jobs, intensive sports practice schedules, or medical needs. Others simply enjoy the ability to work on schoolwork whenever and wherever they wish.

Our only expectation is that students work about 20 hours each week in order to stay on track.



About half of Global’s yearly enrollment consists of distance learning students. These are students who take one or two classes online in addition to their schedule at their home school. Taking online classes often allows them more flexibility at school for electives or extra-curricular activities. And some students simply like to get ahead in their coursework!



All high schools and some junior high schools in the district offer periods during the day for students to work on their online classes. The teacher in the room is a “coach” to offer content help when they can but mostly to help students stay organized and on-track. Students still have a virtual teacher they can go to for help. This is a great option for students who need the structure of a time and place to work but still want the flexibility of an online course.



We just launched a Hybrid Option for students who wish to take online courses but need assistance from a teacher every two weeks. When classes meet, teachers deliver engaging lessons to reinforce what students are learning online. 



Global offers two summer school sessions for students to catch up or work ahead in their coursework. These sessions are each 9 weeks long, enough for students to complete one semester course in each session. We offer our full course catalog for students taking classes online.

Our online program also supports the in-person summer school as well. Students can take a limited selection of online classes at the in-person summer school campus. Just like Center For Success, this model provides students a structured time and place to work.

As you can see, we have a few different ways that students can take online classes! If you’d like more information, check out our website at or email us at!