June 3 Announcement

June 3, 2020

Gilbert Public Schools is deeply saddened and troubled by recent events demonstrating racism and a disregard for human life.  We are disturbed that these events have led to escalating violence and incivility. We condemn racism and violence in any form. 

At Gilbert Public Schools, our district mission is to inspire excellence in every learner.  We believe that this can only be achieved when every student and employee is treated with dignity and respect.  As a school district, we have a key role to play in promoting inclusion within our society. It is essential that our schools are a safe place where our children feel heard, supported, and treated equally.  At this time, it is incumbent upon us to be aware of the challenges many within our community are facing and to be a source of support for all people within our community and beyond its borders.  It is important that our students, employees, and families know that we stand against racism in all its forms.

Gilbert Public Schools commits to continue to improve as a district so that we can truly inspire excellence in every learner.  We ask for your partnership and support as we continue to actively build inclusive communities within our schools and to provide an exceptional education for all learners.  


Shane McCord, Ed. D.


Gilbert Public Schools