Changes to COVID-19 Notification Process | January, 19, 2022

Dear GPS Parents and Families,

Changes to COVID General Exposure Notification Process

In light of the current high volume of COVID notifications, and the significant impact this is having on school personnel time, the following changes will be implemented for notifying our families of general class and bus route exposure to COVID-19.  The goal is to provide easy access for our parents and families to up-to-date information while supporting our schools to focus on educating and supporting our students.

General class exposure email notifications will no longer be sent out to families as of Thursday, January 20, 2022.  Instead, families will be able to view information regarding potential exposure to positive COVID cases, by class and bus route, on the district website at their convenience.

Please note, if your student is required to quarantine you will receive communication directly from your campus.

Each school has a ‘Notification Dashboard’ on the district website that will be updated daily identifying the same key information that is currently included in the letters:

  • The class that was potentially exposed using the teacher’s name, and ‘hour’ if applicable, as identifiers
  • and the last date the person who has tested positive for COVID was in class.

Bus route notifications will also be posted on the website on a ‘Transportation Notification Dashboard’.

Thank you for your continued support.

Gilbert Public Schools