Are you following federal and state guidelines to minimize the spread of COVID-19?

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Yes.  Throughout this process, we have been taking guidance from a number of federal and state agencies including the CDC, Governor Doug Ducey, and the Arizona Department of Education.

In preparation for a return to campuses, extensive measures are being adopted and enhanced in order to minimize the spread.  These include but are not limited to:

As of June 30, 2020

Health Services:

  • Age-appropriate education on good hygiene practices to students will be provided via video and signage displayed throughout the school sites.
  • Training of school and district staff about infection control strategies and preventative measures.
  • Student health screening protocols
  • Staff health screening protocols
  • Management of ill students - new protocols and procedures
  • New guidelines and protocols for students returning to school after illness
  • New guidelines and protocols for staff returning to work after illness
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Hand washing guidance and protocols

Cleaning Services:

  • Enhanced training for all custodians and non-custodial staff on the use of disinfectant application
  • Increased daily cleaning and disinfecting high traffic areas, doors, counters, sinks, and other horizontal surfaces 
  • Restroom and Health Office touchpoint areas will be disinfected twice daily 
  • Guidelines and supplies for cleaning desk and table provided to each classroom teacher 
  • Use of Hydroxyl/ozone machines to disinfect larger areas 
  • Signage for safe hygiene and handwashing posted by all classroom sinks and restrooms 
  • Water fountains are closed
  • The use of laundered and sanitized color-coded microfiber cloths for specific surface areas to avoid cross-contamination
  • Utilization of electrostatic sprayers for wide-area disinfecting 

Campus Protocols:

  • Breakfast and lunch modifications
  • When possible, student desks and tables will be front-facing.   At the elementary level,  tables may have taped off student areas to help define the individual student areas.
  • Staggering bell schedules during the school day at the secondary level
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout the school
  • Plexiglass in specific areas
  • Not sharing supplies, for example, pencils, instruments
  • Opening up common areas during lunch to create extra space for students to spread out to eat, library, grass areas etc.  At the elementary level, spacing students apart and lunch periods staggered as needed.
  • At this time face coverings are required on our campuses, as per the Maricopa County Emergency Order, we do not know what the requirements will or won’t be when school begins
  • Specialist plans for performing arts and athletics
  • Virtual assemblies