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Junior | 4th Quarter

Junior Year Success Guide THRIVE Gilbert Public Schools

Sign up for the ACT and/or SAT

Additional ACT Registration

SAT Registration  

What if I can’t afford the fee? Don’t worry, there are waivers available to those with financial need. See your counselor for further information about your situation and what you qualify for.

Please Note: Do you qualify for Free & Reduced Lunch? If so, you may be able to claim your SAT Fee Waivers through your College Board account or learn about ACT Fee Waiver Program.

Do I need to take both tests? The answer to that is mostly dependent upon the university you plan to attend, but you can explore all of the exams here.  It never hurts you to take both.  Not sure which exam is right for you? Here's a checklist to compare your strengths and help you decide


You should not just roll out of bed on the Saturday morning of the exam and "give it your best shot".

These tests require preparation.

For online resources, Khan Academy is the official study guide for the SAT, and there are similar free platform to help you prepare for the ACT. Outside companies also offer test prep courses for a fee that will cover the content of the exams plus test-taking strategies. You can find information for these offerings in your counseling office and career center.  

ZAPS Test Prep

ACT® Testing & Information

SAT® Testing & Information

Summer Goals!

Don’t waste your summer, make it count!

Consider volunteering and attending a summer program.  There are tons of options for summer programs, many of which are inexpensive or even FREE. Check with your Counselor and Career Center for listings based on your areas of interest. 

 Read, and then read some more!

Pick up a library card from your local library.  Public Libraries have programming all summer long as well as plenty of books to read or listen to. Continue to develop your vocabulary, reading speed and comprehension.  These are all crucial skills to help you be more successful.

Don’t like reading?  You probably haven’t found the right book.  Talk to a librarian about your interests and see if they can recommend something for you.

 Don't forget to make your SMART goals.

Spend some time thinking about your dreams, interests, and aspirations. Then write them down and share with someone.  Writing and sharing your goals makes you more likely to actually achieve them. Here is a worksheet to help you see if your goals are SMART.

SMART Goals Worksheet & Information

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Senior Year - THRIVE - Get Started!

Get & Stay Involved!

Looking for ways to get involved? Keep a lookout for your school’s club fair!

It is always a good time to get involved on your high school campus. There are clubs for everyone ranging from coloring clubs, K-pop, volunteer/service, mentoring, equality and many more. Also, all CTE programs have student organizations, as do all of the performing/visual arts and sports teams

GPS High School Clubs & Activities 

Campo Verde | Desert Ridge | GCA | Gilbert | 
 | Mesquite 

Local Community Programs, Service & Volunteering Opportunities

Meet With Your Counselor

Your counselor can help you with much more than just schedule changes!

GPS Counseling Departments

Campo Verde | Canyon Valley| Desert Ridge | GCA | Gilbert | Highland | Mesquite 

Ready for a Challenge?

If you're already involved in clubs or activities, consider taking on a leadership role this year!

Timeline & Relevant Information for Juniors

College Fair or Tours

Tri-University Events

Tri-University Events Information 

Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona are coming together to ensure you and your family are well informed about the opportunities and resources available to you, hosting joint virtual information sessions for prospective students and families to discuss the following:

  • How to navigate the college admission process.
  • Scholarships and financial aid.
  • Information about each university.
  • The honors experience at each university.

View resources and programming to assist in your college search process.



Arizona College Consortium Virtual Conference and College Fair

Arizona College Consortium (AZ-CC) is a membership of over 30 post-secondary institutions.  The organization’s mission is to provide quality education pathways to meet the needs of future scholars. This college fair will allow students and families to:

  • Uncover new college options through a robust search tool
  • Experience virtual campus tours 
  • Watch videos and download materials helpful for in decision process
  • Schedule meetings and interviews with admissions representatives


View Upcoming Fair Dates 


NACAC Virtual College Fairs - Sign up now and start exploring!

NACAC Virtual College Fairs


College Fair Tips – Use these tips from NACAC to make the most out of the experience. 

Why should I pre-register? Provide your information one time through a simple, online registration page instead of dozens of times on prospect cards at each college table.

Finish the Semester Strong & Study for Your Finals

Keep up your good study habits! If you are struggling at any time: 1st-Consult your teacher, 2nd-Seek tutoring assistance, and 3rd-Consult your Counselor.

Take advantage of any teacher or school-wide study sessions. Do not wait till the very last week to get help in a subject you may be struggling with. If you feel like a class is particularly easy for you, help out a friend and be a tutor. Teaching peers can only help solidify learning the material for you, too.

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